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KFI World Body

International Kung Fu Federation

International Kung Fu Federation was founded in 2012. It was registered in Hong Kong, with the headquarter in Beijing (Where the Chairman and the Secretary-General are stationed). IKFF is aimed at promoting and encouraging the development of such sports as Kung fu, Shaolin Wushu, Sanda, Taichi, Qigong in any possible way, so that Kung Fu culture can be promoted worldwide, the social image, influence, awareness and value of Martial Artists improved and the international communication facilitated. Member associations of IKFF thus have more opportunities to cooperate and understand one another. Most of all, Kung Fu practice and competitions can play a significant role in improving the world`s general health.

The preparatory conference of IKF was held in March 2012 in Beijing. Professionals of Kung fu from China and other countries and regions in Asia, Europe and Africa  attended the conference. IKFF was officially founded in Beijing through another conference from August 10th to 16th ,2012.

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