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An organization with a history

1989’s: The Origins

As early as 1989, under the direction of Kung fu Master Gyanprakash, promoted Kung fu India wide and created various training centers in India . With regular meetings taking place, dialogue with the authorities became easier. But due to non parental world organization the KFI could not get existence.

2004’s: The Development of a Real Need

In the 2003’s, the Kung fu sports movement evolved rapidly.

President of the “International Kung fu Federation”, was the first to recognize KFI with IKF, for a wider recognition of the role of IFs. For non-Olympic federations, a forum which would enable them to better express their points of view was necessary. The common meetings with the IKF could thus be better supported. It would also permit a constant liaison between the KFI and the IKF. In 2004, the time seemed appropriate and the convocation to the newly constituted IKF Assembly was launched at New Delhi.

2004: The Formation

On 21-23 April 2004, delegates from the different state Kung fu associations met in New Delhi in the India Habitat Centre under the leadership of Mr. A. A. Naquavi and agreed on the necessity to establish permanent National Federation for the defense of their objectives and common goals, the preservation of their autonomy and constant exchange of information. The name “Kung fu Federation of India ” was adopted.

2006’s: The New Era

In 2006, in collaboration with International Kung fu Federation, Kung fu Federation of India launched the first National Kung fu Championship at Varanasi.

2021’s: Setting new milestones

Till 2021, KFI successfully hosted   13 National Kung fu championships and regularly participated 13timesin various World Kung fu championships with having glittering Medals every year. Recently we achieved 8 medals in 4th world Kung fu championship in Armenia  including1 Gold 4 Silver and 3 Bronze.